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It’s been great working with you – great advice and support from the early discussions all the way through to the finished product – hope your business continues to thrive.AC Oldham
Get in touch with Helen by ringing or using the contact details on this page. She will be delighted to help and will get back to you as soon as she can.
In order to better help her give you an idea of cost  it would be great if you could add some details to your request for information such as:
  • What is the area and pitch of your roof?
  • Is any edging needed – we can supply metal retention bars if there isn’t a built up edge already
  • Is it already waterproofed – if so with what?
  • Accessibility of the roof
  • Post code


Mobile: 07590 851 401

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Weston Hall farm Weston Otley North Yorkshire LS21 2HP

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    The process of dealing with your business from the outset was both effortless (on my part!) and a pleasurePaul, York
    Green Roof suppliers & installers Yorkshire
    t: 07590 851 401

    Green Roofs Naturally – Sedum Roofs from The Yorkshire Dales

    Green Roofs Naturally are a family business who specialize in the production, supply, installation and maintenance of Extensive Sedum Roofs, both domestic and commercial.

    Based in Yorkshire we use traditional and sustainable farming methods to produce high quality green roofs. Our living roof system has been used for over 20 years.

    The mats are cultivated for up to 18 months after sowing the sedum in order to achieve full vegetation cover. They are then hand lifted from our farm to your roof in 24-48 hours resulting in a beautiful green roof with minimal disruption to you.

    Installation and maintenance are carried out by our qualified & highly experienced team, who provide continuity and expertise on every project. We aim to provide high quality customer service in every area of the business.  If you require waterproofing advice we can supply the names of builders who have worked with us and who we feel live up to our own high standards.

    Whatever the size of your project, we are happy to discuss your requirements.

    Green roofs are enormously beneficial for the environment as they replicate the open spaces that were once previously at ground level. The main advantages of green roofs are:

    • High water retention – Green roofs act as a storm management device by retaining rain water. This reduces the surface runoff of rainwater, thus easing the pressure on our drains.
    • Improved biodiversity and ecology – Green roofs provide a habitat for birds,insects and wildlife to flourish.
    • Improved insulation – Green roofs moderate and minimize temperature variations within the building, so that in the summer they have a cooling effect.
    • Significantly reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect – Plants on green surfaces absorb heat and then use it through evapotranspiration. Green roofs therefore cool and humidify the surrounding air.
    • Improve air quality – Green roofs take up CO2 and filter dust and pollutants from the air and rainwater that they hold. Resulting in improved rainwater runoff, as well as improving the air that we breathe.
    • Extended roof life – Green roofs protect the waterproofing of the roof against UV and weather damage so that the life expectancy of the waterproofing is increased.
    • Improved Sound Insulation – Our growing medium acts as a noise barrier and reduces the transferred noise by up to 18dB.
    • Low maintenance – Just once or twice per year..
    • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Firstly I have to say that the green roof looks superb on the roof of the new pavilion. The mix of warm sun and occasional rain should be perfect for ‘bedding’ the roof in. Everyone is really pleased with the result. I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending Green Roofs Naturally in the futureNew Pavilion, Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.RE, Architect
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