Thanks for the advice on the maintenance – it’s great to have such dry and warm weather at the moment – but some of our plants are starting to notice it!AC June 2018

The frequency and level of maintenance of the Green Roof is down to the discretion of the client/building owner and the plant appearance they wish to maintain. After the first two years, when the roof is well established, you may wish to review your maintenance requirements.

We recommend one or two visits per year carried out by our team, to ensure the roof remains in good condition and vibrant. Ideally these would be in the spring time and autumn. The visits would be arranged at your convenience and carried out in a professional and considerate manner.

The price will take account of the specific features of your roof, size, pitch, site, accessibility and will be costed at a price per m² per visit.


The maintenance regime would include:

  • Removal of debris and dead vegetation from the roof surface, drainage outlets, guttering and washed pebbles, etc
  • Weeding
  • Sowing of additional sprouts to repair patches of poor growth
  • On assessment we may apply slow release nitrogen fertiliser at a maximum rate of 30g/m2.
  • Green Roofs Naturally ensure that the maintenance is carefully designed in order to maximise the quality of the water runoff.
  • Review Inspection Chambers and ensure that water outlets are all free draining.
The Green Roofs Naturally team are passionate about their work, are knowledgeable and reliable and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations’JA Ecology Building Society