A Green Roof is a vegetation layer covering the roof of a building and will consist of a number of layers that form the Green Roof system.

Sedums are evergreen succulents popularly used by gardeners to create beautiful rock gardens and borders. They are self-generating, drought resistant and capable of withstanding extremes of climate. This makes them particularly suitable for roofs where they thrive and enhance the environment both aesthetically and ecologically.

Extensive Green Roofs are ideal for both retro-fitting & New build of roofs pitched up to 20 degrees or flat roofs where they provide insulation, reduce water runoff (water attenuation), and, of course, beauty.

These light-weight systems require only minimal maintenance (twice a year), and do not impose any significant weight on the building structure; therefore there are usually no structural implications.

A low cost long-term solution. They are designed to be self-sustaining.
Whether it is sown in situ on your roof or supplied as fully grown mats, the components are the same;

  • Vegetation Growing medium or substrate
  • Drainage and moisture retention
  • Waterproofing & root proofing
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The colours are simply stunning, and it’s hard to now remember what the flat roof was like before you worked your magic on it. The interest and passion your team have for your home grown product was evident in how you tackled the project, and I’m really pleased to have had you come all the way from Ilkley to get it donePaul, York, May 2014