Before and After!!

When asked to do a green roof maintenance we are never quite sure what we are going to see on arrival.   We ask questions like – How long has it been installed?  Has it had any maintenance before?  etc ,etc.  Usually those sorts of questions and maybe even a photo if we haven’t done a maintenance there before can prepare us… not this time!

before Green Roofs Naturally       After Green Roofs Naturally

BEFORE                                                                       AFTER

This was a relatively new roof but had many challenges as you can see.  We agreed with our client that we would do our best by adding loads more mats and sprouts and aggregate.  The result may not be  perfect but massively improved and now enjoyed again by our client:

“Helen, you did a great job. It was lovely meeting you and you really put yourself out to get the roof sorted. Thank you so much‎, I really appreciated your care and hard work and all the advice you gave me. The roof is looking great!”