DIY Sedum Log Store Roof

How fabulous is this roof?!  Our customers contacted us for sedum mats to roof their new log store themselves and the beautiful photos show the fantastic job they have done.

“We’re incredibly pleased with the roof and especially love how the colours of the sedum change from week to week. It is now in flower so looks particularly beautiful. The whole process of ordering, collecting and fitting the mats was so simple. The instructions you left for us Helen were really helpful and the extra fleece to protect the car was very thoughtful. I’m not sure where we could put another green roof but if we could squeeze one in, I wouldn’t hesitate to come to you again.”

DIY log store 2 Green Roofs Naturally

The roof is looking wonderful in full flower and if maintained will continue to develop year on year.  We are delighted to see the sedum looking so happy and loved!