Even on the hottest day of the year

Not a perfect choice for an installation day but not even we are given a crystal ball to predict the best installation days.  You will see on these photos of this lovely roof that a hosepipe is very much in view.  We always give a newly installed roof a really good water as, like any living plant being moved, there is a degree of shock when dug up and transferred to a new home.

The best time to irrigate your roof, however, is in the evening once the heat of the sun has waned and the water remains in the roof rather than evaporating and scorching the leaves.  Sedums do need some irrigation when the weather is hot and dry.  So, if you have a sedum roof, please give it a drink.  They don’t like getting waterlogged though.  Luckily for our team the householder on this installation was very generous with drinks and kept us all going despite the monumentally hot and sticky weather!