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It’s been great working with you – great advice and support from the early discussions all the way through to the finished product – hope your business continues to thrive.AC Oldham
Get in touch with Helen by ringing or using the contact details on this page. She will be delighted to help and will get back to you as soon as she can.
In order to better help her give you an idea of cost  it would be great if you could add some details to your request for information such as:
  • What is the area and pitch of your roof?
  • Is any edging needed – we can supply metal retention bars if there isn’t a built up edge already
  • Is it already waterproofed – if so with what?
  • Accessibility of the roof
  • Post code


Mobile: 07590 851 401

Via post

Weston Hall farm Weston Otley North Yorkshire LS21 2HP

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    The process of dealing with your business from the outset was both effortless (on my part!) and a pleasurePaul, York
    Green Roof suppliers & installers Yorkshire
    t: 07590 851 401

    Move closer…

    Move Closer…

    This roof was installed by us several years ago and recently our client got in touch with these amazing photos as she explains below:

    “The two green roofs in Hersham, Surrey are going strong. You supplied the first the year before your triumph at Chelsea. They are a constant source of joy to us. However you might like to look at the photos attached and see who else appreciates them. The fox makes its way up the Magnolia Grandiflora and sleeps in the corner or goes there when we have a down pour.”

    What can we say even the wildlife loves our roofs!


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